"Books have been a sort of portal to my feeling body to guide myself to answer those deep and meaningful questions we all ask ourselves when seeking our highest vibration. "

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Born in the middle of a literal Earthquake, and named after a guitar, Jade Alectra wasn’t given much choice to not shake up this world with no stone left unturned. Raised in Orange County California, she attended 12 years of Catholic School that left her with more questions than answers. Finding her love of basketball and pole vaulting, she began weight lifting heavier and heavier until she dislocated her knee and gained 50 pounds, eating herself deep into depression. On her last rope, a yoga teacher suggested she try a class. She lasted 10 minutes and angry and frustrated, ran out of the class. It took four more classes of leaving ten minutes in until she finally stayed. Somewhere along the journey, Jade discovered that beneath her anger, were her wounds. And beneath her wounds was the true depth that we all have been conditioned to run from. Yoga was the mirror to help her heal and feel past hurts, traumas, and heartbreaks. The act of finding and creating space in the body impacted and inspired her so much so that she decided to become a teacher to help guide people home to themselves. Emotional based teaching is her specialty, with an emphasis on rather than the age old, empty your mind and leave what’s happening in your life outside of the studio, bring all of that shit INTO the room, ONTO your mat, and work THROUGH it in your body. Yoga saved her life, and one student at a time, Jade's intention for teaching is to help awaken what’s been sleeping, and fan their flames to continue on their path to the true journey of self acceptance, love and growth.