Brida by Paulo Coehlo

When choosing our first book, my mind knew right away that it would be: 1) Paulo Coelho and 2) That it would be Brida. If I had endless money I would purchase this book for everyone who is seeking a deeper layer of themselves. I have found in my experience, when we attempt to grow and blossom, we begin to challenge the people and things around us because we have gained a new understanding of the world. And this is exactly what Brida is about. An intertwining of Soulmates and Magic, this novel changed my life and is covered in highlighter and notes.

It is said one should not read a book summary of a Paulo Coelho novel as there is no way to summarize correctly all that Coelho weaves into his stories. If you have read The Alchemist, then you understand this to be very true. So, if Brida is calling to you, answer her. Grab a copy and get ready to make new friends while discovering new depths of each other and ourselves.


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